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Music is a beautiful opiate

if you don't take it too seriously. ~Henry Miller

A Beautiful Opiate
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This is a music-focused community.

beautifulopiate is a membership moderated community.

To become a member, please follow these steps.

1. Join the community.
2. cloverdew will review your journal, and accept or reject you. Sock puppet journals, brand new journals, and blank journals will not be accepted. If your journal has few or no friends, you have not updated your journal for several months, or you are a known troll, you will also be rejected.

The purpose of this community is to share music recommendations. The contributors will post albums or mixes in order to share their love of music with others. Be mindful of copyrights. By law it is required to delete them within 24 hours if you have not already purchased them. Please keep this in mind.